Busy, busy, busy!

It is so surprising. I still get a few readers every day, although it has been many months since I wrote anything new on this blog.

Yes, I blame work for this. We are understaffed for the moment and the most busy period of the year is looming on the horizon. Last week I was 4 days out of 5 abroad (Geneva and London, as those who follow my Facebook will know) and the remaining days were filled with meetings, assisting colleagues and dining with clients. It felt as if I hardly got any proper work done.

But before the really busy time will be upon us, I will take some time off, starting next week on Wednesday afternoon.

Then I will pick up Zai, my lovely Thai girlfriend and her sweet darling daughter Korya at the airport in Brussels. I already booked a mid-week stay at Centerparcs and Disneyland Paris. We will have three weeks of fun. I will cook some Belgian food for them and I will be treated with delicious Thai cuisine made by Zai.

Zai and Korya

Zai and Korya

So this weekend I gave the house a good cleaning, prepared Korya’s room, put the car through the car-wash and even found time to cook me a real autumnal lunch (grilled beetroot, parsnip, turnip, carrot and fennel), a recipe originally invented by Jamie Oliver.

Now I count the hours till my darling will be in my arms.

The Joys of Open Source

Last weekend the FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Developers European Meeting) was held in Brussels. Check out FOSDEM 2013

Hosted at the Brussels Free University campus, year after year it is getting more and more busy with more and more people attending and showing their part of the Free and Open Source world.

As can be expected there is a definite “we against the corporate world” atmosphere, a bit of an anarchistic feeling, yes almost a “sixties” feeling there. Of course most of the attendants were not even born in the sixties yet, but you get the idea.

Perl, my beloved programming language, had a little stand there, thanks to Wendy and Liz. Once more they brought out their toy camel and the world’s largest Perl library. Not to mention the tons of goodies they gave away. And books, did I already mention books? I bought the 4th edition of the “Camel Book” and the 2nd edition of the “Modern Perl” book at bargain basement prices.

Although the Perl group applied to have a DevRoom too (“developer room”, a place where you can hold talks and such), there seem to have been too many applicants so Perl did not get choosen. Perhaps the organisers were thinking “Perl is a crufty old language, it is practically dead, so why does it need a DevRoom”? Oh well, Perlers are used to hear that kind of nonsense. So the room was given to some other “hot” language or group and then it turned out they could not fill it and barely two weeks before the meeting, Perl was asked if we could fill the room. “Please, please, pretty please”? In no time Wendy assembled 14 confirmed speakers (and 4 more as back-up) and a few lightning talks as well.

I got a small 20 minutes slot almost at the end of the day and I gave a non-technical talk about an application I wrote in 7 days automating some boring tasks normally done by our admin girls. Judging by some comments, people seem to have enjoyed it. For those interested, the presentation is available here.

I think next year Perl will have no problem getting a DevRoom. Not bad for a crufty old dead language.

One week has passed

One week has passed since my lovely Thai Girlfriend has flown to Europe to meet me. Last Wednesday I picked her up at the Brussels Airport and drove her home to my place.

Since then we have been visiting Antwerp and the surrounding area. She has been making me wonderfully tasty Thai food and I have made some Belgian food for her. We really match together very well.

Today we visited the “Kalmthoutse Heide“, which is a heath area in the north of Antwerpen, close to the Dutch border. We had a lovely walk together and despite the rain, she liked it very much.

Heath of Kalmthout (Kalmthoutse Heide) from wa...

Heath of Kalmthout (Kalmthoutse Heide) from watchtower. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tomorrow I have to be back in the office for one day, but I will rush home to sample the lunch made by my darling.


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