Ah, Perl!

Uncrowned Queen of the Programming languages, Duct-tape of the Internet, non-pareil of text-processors, obfuscator par excellence or Modern::Perl?


The Perl mascot

Yes, all this and even more.

But also the programming language I feel most comfortable with: from quick throw-away “one time use only” scripts to thousand+ lines monster applications. All of these are written in Perl.

Whether it is a script to make a geographic analysis of  the visitor log of your blog or to parse some strangely formatted set of data into something that your flavour-of-the-day database can digest, Perl will be up to whatever task you throw at it.

I have been programming for almost 30 years now, starting with BASIC on a TRS-80 and trying a lot of more or less obscure other programming languages “just for fun” (APL, Forth, COBOL, LISP, Z80 Assembler, R, …) and finally ending with Perl.  I have also picked up some supporting languages and technologies such as SQL, Template Toolkit, (La)TeX, HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, XPath, GNUPlot, …

Perl is well known for allowing quick results with minimal programming effort: to make simple things easy, and hard things possible.


We will accept to do programming work in Perl (and supporting technologies) on a lumpsum fee basis or against an hourly rate of between 25 € and 100 € depending on the complexity of the task. Please use the contact us page to enquire for a quote.

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